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Went to look up more information regarding this tidbit Lilithnightmare shared the other day. Just to summarize:

1. It’s a new equipment slot known as feathers

2. It can be used by level 10 and above

3. They can be purchased from the market street section of Pandemonium or Sanctum

4. The default purchase price is 100 million kinah although this can change based on influence ratio/taxes (AKA sucks to be you if you’re not playing the dominated race)

5. If you’re a miser, you can actually hunt them off the following instances;

- Fire Temple

- Draupnir Cave

- Adma Stronghold

- Theobomos Lab

- Dark Poeta

- Beshmundir Temple

- Rentus Base

- Tiamat Stronghold

- Ophidan Bridge

- Illuminary Obelisk

However, do take note the drop will be in a form of a box in which it’s completely random on whether if you’ll get the physical or magical version (and obviously, dropped off the bosses)

6. Enchantment is only via the item introduced in late 4.5, loosely translated as “Divine Applicant”.

7. There is no maximum enchant level 

8. There are only three degrees of appearance, the difference between +5 ~ +9 and +10 would be that there is a sparkle effect emitting from the feathers (although NC did mention based on your toon’s hairstyle, the headgear/effects may not be clear)

Hence if you’re going purely just for looks, you’ll should probably stop at +10 (no, it’s not going to get any bigger or flashier even if you exceed it)

9. Failing to enchant equates to auto destruction of the item (as mentioned by Ben previously)

10. Default stats start off at 1 attack and 5 magic boost for the physical and magical versions respectively. Each enchant level adds +4 attack +150 HP and +20 magic boost +150 HP respectively

NCsoft is currently running this introductory item as an event, so all players can get it for free (once per account) via a survey, inclusive of the Divine Applicants as well. They’re also selling it in the cash shop for a limited time only.

Since it’s a slot here to stay, there may possibly be more variants of the feathers being introduced later in the game.

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